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310 TINTING - Window Tinting Shields UV and Stops Tanning, Burning Skin and Skin Injuries

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310 TINTING – Window Tinting Shields UV and Stops Tanning, Burning Skin and Skin Injuries

Window Tinting / Window Tinting in Culver City / Window Tinting in Los Angeles / window tinting in Mar Vista / Window Tinting in Playa Vista / Window Tinting in West Los Angeles / May 6, 2016

Window Tinting Shields UV and Stops Tanning, Burning Skin and Skin Injuries


People of the modern era has to go out to carry out their work. There are only a few people who work from home. Wherever people work from, one common problem people face is getting tanned or  sunburned after sitting in the sun for a while. For office-goers, it happens when they are driving to work and also while they are sitting beside the window at their office. And for people who work from home, it may be from a nearby window.

Whoever it is, getting burned or even tanned from sunlight is never good despite what they might think. So the only way they can avoid that is if they adjust window tinting wherever there is a chance of direct sunlight hitting them. Because no other measure can shield UV rays and stop tanning and sunburns as effectively as window tinting.

What Is Window Tinting? :

Window tinting is one the most necessary precautionary measures yet one of the most neglected, that indefinitely helps us lead a better life. It is basically a thin film or laminate that is installed in the interior of the glasses of windows of homes and automobiles. It is installed so that the windows have greater strength and stability against external harmful light rays. These harmful light rays basically constitute the UV rays of the sunlight.

One of the common misconceptions of people is that sunlight is actually good for health since it provides Vitamin D and such. Moreover, they think that installing tints on windows is expensive. None of these ideas are correct. In fact, installing window tinting is a very inexpensive matter and while Vitamin D is helpful, the harmful UV rays the sun emits with it isn’t.

Home window tinting culver city UV A B C

window tinting culver city

Thermal Insulation:

The temperate zones appear to be hot during most part of the year while the torrid and frigid zones remain cold. That means, the countries in these zones require proper cooling and heating systems respectively. But most countries require both, which becomes a bit expensive to install. So, unless a heating or cooling system is imperative, people can opt for a better alternative, window tinting.

Window tinting or window films can be fitted at homes to increase the building insulation. A lot of modern glasses have low-solar-gain, which means they have built-in properties similar to window films. But since most of the existing windows do not possess this property, installing window films to avoid solar heat gain seems like the wisest thing to do. Also, since they’re environment-friendly, they are especially useful for hot and mixed climates such as in the temperate zones.

UV Rays of Sunlight:

UV ray, or UV radiation are a part of the electromagnetic light spectrum that reaches the earth through along with the sun rays. It is invisible to the naked eye but the most harmful nonetheless. One of the reasons most people don’t consider the sunlight harmful is because they can’t really see the harmful rays.

UV radiations are classified into three type, UV A, UV B and UV C. Among them, UV A and UV B are the most harmful because they can penetrate the ozone layer, while UV C cannot. One of the reasons why window tinting should be considered a vital part of life is because it works like the ozone layer. Window tinting blocks out the UV A and B radiation similar to how the ozone layer blocks out the UV C radiation.

It was found in studies that UV A ray penetrates the skin deeper than UV B. It damages skin cell called keratinocytes in the basal layer, where the most common type of skin cancer, the basal skin cancer occurs. So, without blocking them out, there is no way to avoid skin cancer at a later age and the easiest way to do that is window tinting.

Playa Vista Car window tinting

window tinting


Los Angeles Residential window tinting

Los Angeles Residential window tinting

In countries such as Australia and the US, tanning is considered as a sign of healthy skin. Almost fifty percent of Australians still hold this belief and voluntarily go out and lie in the sun to get a “healthy tan”. And getting a tan through sunbeds are very popular throughout the US. But what they don’t know is that getting tan suggests that their skin has been damaged by the UV rays of the sun.

The dominant tanning ray is the UV A ray. Tanning, whether natural or artificial, is destructive for the skin, period. The tan is primarily a result of the damage to the skin’s DNA. That means, the UV A ray affects the DNA of the skin and damages it. It is a known fact that any type of cancer occurs from mutations of the DNA. Hence, tanning should be avoided at all costs and proper measures should be taken all over the house, office and car by tinting the windows.




window tinting in Los Angeles

window tinting in Los Angeles

The main cause of reddening of the skin and its burning is the UV B radiation of the sunlight. It affects the skin’s superficial epidermal layers. It might not directly cause any effect on the skin but it surely plays a key role in developing skin cancer and contributes to tanning and photoaging. Even though UV B rays cannot effectively penetrate glass, but it is still suggested that as a precautionary measure window tinting be fitted on glasses of automobiles and houses.

In the US, it was found that UV B affects the skin from 10 AM to 4 PM from April to October. But they can still burn the skin year-round. It is considered very dangerous because since 80% of the ray can bounce back from snow or ice, it hits the skin twice resulting in double the amount of damage. Hence, window tinting should be installed just to make sure no amount of this ray falls on our body.



UV window tinting in many shades and color

century city window tinting films installation

window tinting in culver city

Common Skin Injuries:

Window Tinting Los Angeles

Window Tinting Los Angeles

As mentioned above, tanning and sunburns are two of the most common skin injuries caused by the sunlight. Despite ‘healthy tanning’ being a popular pastime for Australians, it is actually on of the most detrimental activities against the human body. Because this ‘healthy tanning’ requires sitting under the sun for long hours which very easily gives someone first and second-degree burns due to prolonged sun exposure.

Moreover, years of unprotected sun exposure causes premature aging of the skin, skin cancer and even cataracts; the cataract is another injury that nobody expects to have contracted through sun exposure of such lengths of time. Other than these, blisters and peeling of skin are also common sunlight related injuries. In fact, there have even been recorded cases of blistering caused due to this prolonged trips in the sun that always results in intense agony and a trip to the doctor.

How Does Window Tinting Work? :

Tinting the windows basically mean applying a heat rejection film in the interior of the glass. This film reduces the amount of infrared, ultraviolet and even visible light that enters through the windows.

These films are usually dyed or metalized to convert into a heat rejecting glass. When sunlight falls on it, it converts the solar radiation to infrared radiation and as a result, it bounces back to the exterior of the glass. That basically means that no amount of harmful rays are able to penetrate the glass and so no amount of harmful rays affect our skin.

car window tinting now in Westminster

window tinting in Los Angeles

Benefits of Window Tinting:

When we think about ways to avoid the sunlight, we basically think about staying in the shade, wearing sunscreen, wearing hats and long-sleeved clothes and what not. But the easiest method of avoiding the sunlight and its harmful rays is by installing tints in windows.

Los Angeles  window tinting

Los Angeles window tinting

Even though sunscreen and long sleeved dresses work just fine when it comes to avoiding the sunlight, it’s not always effective. It may be that one might forget to wear sunscreen or it might be too hot to wear a long sleeved dress. And staying in the shade all day is just not feasible for anyone. As a result, while driving, while sitting at the office or at home, one may be unaware of how the sun rays are affecting him. And it is, in fact, proved that even a little bit of harm now may turn out to be huge when one gets old.

So, in times like these, tinted windows seem like the best option and the most effective precautionary measure one can take to avoid common skin injuries and possible skin cancer at a later age.




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frost glass window tinting culver city

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window tinting in Los Angeles

window tinting in Los Angeles

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Window Tinting Shields UV and Stops Tanning, Burning Skin and Skin Injuries
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Window Tinting Shields UV and Stops Tanning, Burning Skin and Skin Injuries
window tinting is a heat rejection film. reduce the amount of infrared, ultraviolet and even visible light that enters through the windows.

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