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Hollywood window tinting

Armando Vera

Start 310 TINTING more then 10 years ago as part of the enthusiastic passion and abilities former friends used to have about window tinting and the will of learning more about heat insulation and the need to learn about heat rejection technology.

Repeatably working hand to hand with other companies evolved in the developing of window tinting films and heat insulation coating treatments for marine glass window tinting applications, 310 TINTING regain popularity by learning and exploring new fields on the automotive window tinting industry and growing inspiration to see how larger objects like home residential window tinting works to the most bigger projects with companies like Panda Express, FedEx, Hertz and hotel buildings structures where heat can be a big factor when energy savings products like window tinting and heat insulation take foot on reducing electrical bills and creating a better environment for customers and employees.

Armando Vera used his engineering abilities to teach costumers on how science work over window tinting product and help them to make better choices to gain style on your car combine with skin care solutions that goes with your budget and needs.

If you need help to beat the heat, 310 TINTING have products and install applications like:

1.- Marine window tinting, boat detail, mold odors bacteria removal, yacht fiberglass paint restoration.
2.- Automotive window tinting, car detail, auto paint restoration.
3.- Residential window tinting, nanotechnology heat insulation.
4.- Commercial window tinting, building thermodynamic control and UV insulation

Where you can find us

Sales Window Tinting Installation, water-less Detailing, Marine detail insulation and Storage

Main Office

934 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles , CA 90046


Commercial use only

2511 Lincoln Blvd
Venice, Ca 90291

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