Window tinting stops harmful UV ray index and reduce skin cancer conditions

You just bought a new car. A great investment for you in long run. You plan to head to the beach with your family in the sun. You start the car. Something just doesn’t feel right. The sun is striking at you. Your windows are closed but still the sun is striking and the UV rays are hovering over you and your family even inside the car. Guess what, don’t fret, you just need to go to a professional (If you reside in California, 310 TINTING is your best bet) and have the windows of your car tinted.

Most people commute 2-3 hours daily in their vehicles and spend most of their time unprotected from the sun. Window tinting has always been beneficial to the user. It has got so many advantages be it for your car or house or office. In fact, common sense screams to us it should be ubiquitous to all the windows. Tinting is a process of placing a specialized film over the window which makes it much more secure than before. It reduces your chances of developing skin cancer drastically as it blocks away most of the dreadful UV rays. It has many more advantages which we will get to know about below.


Why should you consider car window tinting or any glass window tinting seriously?

Because it is your best bet against the sun and its perilous UV radiation if you spend a considerable amount of time commuting in your car or spend a decent amount of time sitting close to a window in your office/home. Tinting also adds to the value of your car by providing privacy, security and aesthetics. If you are serious about the health of yourself and your family, it is recommended to tint your windows. Once you have considered tinting, you should check the government rules and regulations of your state. Every state has got their own different rules. Thereafter, you should go to a professional window tinting service in your city and get the job done.


UV Rays are one of the most dreadful things ever:

All professional doctors agree that prolonged exposure to the sun leads to developing skin cancer or malignant melanoma, which is the most murderous form of skin cancer.  It accounts for more than 75% of all deaths related to skin cancer. Also, it is found that white people are more prone to the harm caused by UV rays than black skinned people. UV rays pass through the glasses and hit you directly if tinting is not installed. Hence, tinting can be more than worth it. All it takes is few bucks to save yourself from the harms of the sun. So, make sure to protect yourself and your family by tinting your car windows.

UV rays can damage your skin and eyes too:

Ultra Violet radiation can not only cause harm to your skin, it can damage your eyes as well. Scientists have discovered that UV exposure to eyes results in burns and damages to cornea, can cause cataracts and temporary vision loss. So you are better off if you tint your car windows so that the UV radiation is blocked. Also, you are better off, if you are wearing UV protected sunglasses when you’re out and about, which help block out radiations from falling directly on your eyes and causing damage. Wearing sunscreen, sunglasses and having your windows tinted is all that we recommend when you are heading out in the sun.

The most surefire way to block radiation:

There’s a lot of good research going on in the dermatology department to investigate more about the effective ways to block out radiation. One of the best and most effective way to shield your skin against skin cancer is window tinting. Tinting the windows leads to the blockage of harmful radiations, which are prevalent especially in summer time. As radiation has lots of cons, tinting can help you obstruct all of them. Tinting window glasses also adds aesthetic value to the look of the car/office and also help provide privacy and security. Specific tints are available for your various needs and wants.

Window tinting and wearing sunscreen

Two rules to rule out skin cancer:

In fact, 1 in 5 Americans are prone to skin cancer in their life. Sounds horrible, right? Alright, now let me reveal you two of the most important rules to ensure your safety from the treacherous ultra violet rays. First off, wear UVA and UVB protected sunscreen prescribed by your dermatologist. It goes a long way in protecting your skin. Secondly, have your car/home/office windows tinted to block all the UVA and UVB radiations. Doing these things, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are safe from the lurking dangers of skin cancer.

Glass tinting adds value to your car:

Tinting is your best bet if you desire privacy and security in your car. Spectators outside would not be able to see you inside the car due to the darkening of the car glasses. Hence, you are free to do your things without being noticed. Also, it helps you feel more secure and safe inside your car. It also elevates the overall aesthetics and ambiance of the car.   You can also count on tinting to reduce unnecessary glare and heat. Thus, glass tinting adds value to your car and is a great investment in the long run.

Glass tinting reduces glare:

If you have normal glass windows without tint, the sunlight passes through the glass and transmits directly on you and produces glare and that is undesired. Tinting can help you block the light (In some case almost 95% of light can be blocked) from being transmitted and lower unwanted glare. You can opt for darker colors if you want tinting to be much more effective. Even at 95% blocking of light, you can drive your car safely in highways and expressways. It is tried and tested by the experts.

Window tinting is a niche business growing rapidly:

As people are starting to become aware of the dangers of UV radiations, they are increasingly having their window glasses tinted. Even bus windows are being tinted. It is a niche business growing exponentially. The technology used in tinting process is improving and elevating day by day. Hence, without further ado, we recommend you to tint all the glasses of your car, office and home to secure yourself and your loved ones from the harms of the sun. If you happen to be in and around Los Angeles, then look no further than 310 TINTING wherein you get professional service guaranteed.

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