The actress Melanie Griffith remove early-stage skin cancer from her face

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The actress Melanie Griffith

Removing early-stage skin cancer from her face



In today’s world, we have effective solutions to various problems. Cancer is one of the major problems. Skin cancer is the most common of all the diseases and every year people are being diagnosed of skin cancer. The rate of cancer patients are increasing. Actress Melanie Griffith had faced skin cancer in her fifties. She fought this cancer in the year of 2009. To remove the early stages of skin cancer from her face, she underwent surgery. When Melanie was 52 years old, she was spotted with a black eye. She later confirmed that this black eye happened during the surgery.


Celebrities like Melanie Griffith have faced skin cancer and other diseases throughout their lives. We have seen each of them suffer and we are aware of the dire consequences. Hence, we should all try to create a healthy environment in order to prevent this from happening.


Why we need to protect ourselves from the sun


Since we all know what skin cancer is, we should also know why it occurs in the first place. You will be surprised to know that the bright ball of fire, the sun, is mainly causing this cancer. The sun provides us with heat and light, but it has its demerits too. Every day, we wake up and go outdoors facing the sun. Ultraviolet rays are emitted from the sun and these come in contact with our skin and causes skin damage and other diseases. Exposure for too long to ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the main cause of skin cancer. It can be prevented by enjoying the sun safely and by using different ways to avoid sunburn.


UVA and UVB are two types of rays and each of them have different effects on our skin. The UV radiation damages cells and causes skin cancer. Since children spend most of their time playing in the park, they tend to face more skin diseases. People including children even get sunburns. Sunburns are very crucial because they ultimately lead to skin cancer.


Ways to protect our selves


By now, we know skin cancer is mainly caused by the sun and we should be careful when traveling outdoors. To protect your skin while walking outdoors or basking in the sun, you should use sunscreen. But the UV rays are not only confined within the outside environment. Unfortunately, the rays can penetrate through glass and reflect from water surfaces. This means the UV rays can reach you even when you are sitting indoors.


However, we humans are smart enough to figure out a way to protect ourselves from these harmful rays. We now have photo-protective glass and window films that nearly blocks 80% of the UV rays from penetrating. Installation of window tints are the best way to avoid the UV radiations. We can be affected by the rays while we are inside a car, sitting beside the window of our home, standing by the glass doors etc because the rays can easily pass through. If the windows are tinted or replaced with photo-protective films, much of the UV radiation is blocked and damages are easily prevented. UVB cannot penetrate through glass, so non-tinted glasses protect you only from the UVB rays. The UVA have short wave length so they can go through glass and reach us easily.


Window tinting


Most of the people believe that normal glasses can protect them from UV radiations. But that’s not possible. That is why we need to introduce our world to window tinting. Window tinting is a simple process where the glasses of the vehicle are coated with a layer of thin and transparent sheet of film to decrease radiation and heat emitted from the sun. With various range of thickness, window films are made which can protect a vehicle in several ways. Reducing the amount of ultraviolet radiation and heat inside automobiles can be beneficial. Most of the time people do not understand the importance of window tinting, so they avoid spending extra money on window films and tints. The installment of window films can save a lot of lives.


Window tinting not only adds life to a vehicle’s interior, but it also reduces the amount of heat that enters the car. This plays a good role in heat control and it helps your air conditioner to work more quickly. Tinting plays an important role in adding a sense of security and privacy to passengers and drivers. Due to tints, people standing on the side of the roads cannot notice valuable possessions kept inside a car.


Indoor tinting


Since the harmful UV radiations can reach us indoors, window films are now installed at homes. However, it should be kept in mind that window films should not only be installed at homes. Offices, restaurants, universities, schools etc should have tinted windows as well. People visit these places almost every day and the UV radiations can reach them easily. Sometimes people do not often visit a few indoor places, but that does not mean that the windows should not be tinted by spending money. We should be concerned about the employees working inside too.


Office window tinting and installation of window films at malls reduce a lot of health risks. The best way to protect ourselves is to use the types of glass that are specially made towards blocking UV rays. Laminated glass and UV blocking coated glass filter out about 95 to 99% of all UV rays. The laminated glass has a plastic layer in between it’s two layers of glass. This glass is used in some public structures, such as museums and airports. Automobile windshields are also made from these. However, the UV-blocking coated glass is used mostly in special circumstances. So whenever you are indoors, assume that you are not protected from windows against UVA unless you are sure that special glasses are fixed. But neither of these two types of glasses are found in residential and commercial buildings. Every indoor place should have their windows tinted for the sake of the citizens’ health.

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