Left side skin sunburn expose to California drivers

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Left side skin sunburn expose to California drivers

Being drivers, we all know how the sun is felt on our left side and on the face shining directly through car windows, this is the main reason why we apply car window tinting. But there are also several facts that will sound persuasively when you will be acquainted with them. First off, not only painful but drastically harmful UV sun rays for your skin. Similarly, they affect our vision destroying the eye pupil leading steadily to cataract that is why sunglasses were invented not only to comfort us but also to block UV rays. Aside from filtering sun emission, car window tinting is dedicated to serve as an insulation of external sun rays beating the heat away and decreasing glare either not only from the sun but from headlights of approaching front cars at night. Below there are some pros of window tinting. 

Danger of left side skin sunburns

It goes without saying, we apply sunscreens to be prepared for insolation to avoid skin sunburns, as publicity claims. However, they don’t mention about the time limit we should stay under the sun. We address this question to experts. Doctors warn us to spend the same time on a coast as though you would have no sunscreen cream or lotion. It’s because SPF factor helps to protect the skin but not to avoid sunburning if you are lying on sunbeds overtime. It appears that SPF filters impede UVA and UVB rays to be penetrated inside the skin but they don’t defend us against sun glare causing breakouts. On the contrary, car window tinting is meant to reduce sun heat and hold UV radiation. To conclude, while driving, sunscreens may not save your left side from sunburns as well as your passengers near windows as good as car window tinting.

Vision protection

Many studies show that sun light is steadily destroying your vision and long run especially at high altitudes and sun reflecting surfaces (snow, ice, water) can damage your cornea or lead to temporary blindness. The fact is that it affects the eye pupil due to UV rays although we live in urban areas but it can be also perilous still… Taking into consideration that we commute about 2 hours in average daily, we can conclude that we risk enough in overall period of our life cause not all of us prefer driving with glasses put on. Have you wondered why the eye pupil reacts, dilating and contracting? It’s because it defends itself from the simple light and we feel even pain when looking at snow in sunny day. The sharper light the more stress for your eyes. But pupils can’t be shut completely and get pervious to UV rays. Car window tinting is the best resolution to get the shild for UV rays and to save your vision longer. You also can place a sun-strip over the top of the windscreen, following permitted regulations.


Uv rays

As we know, sunburns are painful, it’s a result of UV rays effects cause human skin is prone to sun injuries that are basically precursors of skin cancer. In the long run, it’s a favorable background for skin DNA mutations in a basal layer and melanoma development. However, there are less dangerous things but also significant such as fast ageing of body parts exposing regularly to the UV radiation, plus, according to studies, left side skin sunburns of California drivers, inevitable photo-ageing, dry and rough skin. Not pleasant news, isn’t it? Fortunately, we can be ensured that they won’t affect us treacherously even when you’re a truck driver exposing your left side to the direct sun rays most of the time if you hurry up to cover the cabin glasses by car window tinting. Now let me put forward to you two facts: the UVA rays completely penetrate through unprotected auto glass and they have the ability to activate accumulated melanin. It happens because melanin is continuing its production activity after you have spent some time in the sun, though now you are in protected, covered areas. It stays active during several hours and even little amount of UVA rays is enough to reactivate a tanning process cause epidermis contains enough of active melanin. Thus, you shouldn’t miss that your future tint film will have UVA resist factor, the intensity of color and the percentage of UV transmission depend on law rules. Car window tinting guarantees safety from sunburns, tanning, photo-ageing and is a precautionary measure of skin cancer.

Heat rejection

In reality, driving the car we quickly feel the inside heat and in consequence of it we turn on the AC but only wise of us seal up car glasses by window tinted films to receive some more extra benefits such as a heat control, an anti-glare effect, UV rays rejection, the up-to-the-minute look of a car, to name few of them. Basically, the color of the tint darkens the saloon but contemporary high-tech tint films are dedicated to reject the heat increasing the less strain on the air conditioning in the total and hence, fuel costs. Apart from this, IR emission penetrates through unprotected glass and bounces back from car panels and hit your body twice. It’s evidently that your primary aim of car window tinting is heat control while driving, yet, it enables to retain cool air longer in the parking even during high outside temperatures, and consequently, car window tinting plays an important role in energy and cool savings efficiency, being a shield for UV rays and the source of heat rejection.

Glare reduction

We all facing the problem of headlights that compel strain our vision and some of us wear anti-glare glasses but there is also a constructive decision to get your car wear anti-glare tints to ride safely decreasing the risk of accidents because a high amount of drivers use usual glasses. However, consult the rules not to conflict the law cause, actually, it’s announced that less than 70% of light transmissivity is prohibited, although be acknowledge that even transparent car window tinting reduces glare significantly and comfort your driving even at night time. We advise to avoid the mirror (silvery) tint because there are plenty of choices that doesn’t provoke undue police attention. In the absence of the possibility to tint the windscreen, we strongly recommend to tint other car glasses to avoid irritating bright light in the rear-view mirror. The lower the amount of light transmitted allowed by the law, use it for the greater glare reduction.

Even if keeping anti-glare feature is not the highest priority, we’d like to attract your attention to the statistics estimating the quantity of car accidents happening in obscured view when your vision impairs by some conditions. If you want to driving more comfortably, opting for car window tinting.


Children safety

Parents are aware that children should be stay in the shade during insolation cause they get sunstroke easier than adults and of course, you won’t let your precious ones to suffer from extra heat entering inside the car or let them sleep in direct sun rays, this is the main reason why conscious parents apply car window tinting to allow children sleep calmly in the back avoiding any risk of sunburns. Another major benefit if you opt for tint films is UV rays infiltration cause cumulative effect of them makes harm to the skin cells not mentioning about heat control they help organize. Thus, we conclude you will be the possessor of many health privileges we have named few of them in this article.

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