Drivers look careful for Skin Cancer Photo aging on the Left Side of Your Body

Admit this. Almost everyone has a car nowadays. It is a not a luxury anymore. You spend quality amount of time almost daily in your car commuting to certain places. Are you aware that you are risking yourself every single day exposing yourself to the sun? You may say that you’re closing your windows. But the treacherous UV rays (almost all of the them) penetrate through the glass and hit your unprotected skin and eyes. Certainly, sunscreen and sunglasses are a must in the daytime but still missing out on something that’s equally important. Window tinting.


Not everyone gets their windows tinted. Most people are not aware of the dangers of the radiations that are lurking on them. People tend to be delusional about this. They seem to ignore the long term effects. But ask someone who has seen or experienced skin cancers or other harms caused by the skin and they will tell you the seriousness of it. They will ask you to tint all your windows as soon as you can possibly do. Drivers have their windows on their left side (at least in the US) and their left part is exposed to the radiations. So, what can you do about it? Keep reading.


You can’t afford to stay unprotected:

Yes, you read it right. You have to get your windows tinted, you have to wear your sunscreen and wear protected clothing in the sun. UV rays are the major cause for skin cancer. They account for 90% of all skin cancers around the globe. As horrible as it sounds, it is exactly what the doctors have found. Skin is the largest organ your body has. So you simply cannot afford to risk it. Be it your car window or residential window, make sure to tint it for your and your family’s safety. In this age of increasing global warming, you really can’t afford to stay unprotected from the perils of the sun. Especially if you are a driver, you should not skip and ignore tinting.

Skin cancer is real dangerous:

As we all know, skin is the largest sense organ in our body and it is a breathing organ. It is an establish fact that skin cancer is the most common forms of all cancers with melanoma being the deadliest form of them.  Along with the UV rays, sun lamps and tanning beds also are found to be some of the agents causing skin cancer. So, you should pretty much avoid buying or using them. When you tint your windows, you are doing yourself and your loved ones a favor and you should be proud of it. It is so important that dermatologists as well recommend window tinting. In your car, the dangerous UV radiations (both UV-A and UV-B) enter from the side glasses and also from the rear glass windows. So you should tint all your glasses at once.

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Let us get to know photo aging:

Everyone loves to stay young. Aging is a natural and complex process. Everyone ages over time but the one who ages quicker than the natural process is one who had the most severe exposure to UV radiations (both UVA and UVB). In such a case, the skin loses its youthful appearance and wrinkles are formed. Visible all over the face, wrinkles are a sign of ageing caused by prolonged exposure. It is one of many dreadful properties of these UV rays. The youth and charm of the skin is lost due to this. You can see few people look older than they really are. Especially, the drivers of car and other automobiles who are facing the sun without tinting their windows and without wearing sunscreen. Photo aging and sunburn are pretty common all over the world. Pigmentations or age spots are also caused by over exposure to these radiations. In this case, tinting can help you savor your youth and helps you age relatively slower.

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How and why tinting is your savior:

Tinting your windows has exceptionally large number of benefits. It prevents you from forming clusters, age spots, prevents you from the deadly skin cancers, prevents you from photo aging, also benefits your eyes, controls the heat. What more can one ask for? Without any further ado, you should consider it for your car and residential windows. It really is a savior. Tinting has that intrinsic feature in it to protect you from the evils of the radiations lurking all around the globe in deceivingly beautiful day light.

You can install tint all by yourself maybe with a bit of help:

Yes, you heard it right. It is indeed doable. Although, we don’t recommend tinkering with it. We advocate getting professional help, if you feel clumsy doing it. Otherwise, you can always go ahead. First step is cleaning your car’s window and thereby removing dust. After letting the window dry up, open the tint and carefully stick the adhesive part of the tint to your window. Utmost care should be taken here not to damage the adhesive. Which is why we reckon you to seek professional help. Also, if you are doing it by yourself, watch some DIY (Do It Yourself) videos online and read some articles on how to tint your windows. We also suggest to have one or two friends at your disposal to provide you help.

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Pricing of the tint:

Government has regulated tinting almost in all places. The pricing and costs of the tint depend on what type of tint you would want to install. It also depends on your considerations, whether you are considering car window tinting or residential window tinting. It is dependent on the type and size of the tint glass window. There are numerous and specific types of tints available for you. We recommend visiting your nearest window tinting professional service and inquiring. Also, you can check online for nearby service shops. If you are in and around Los Angeles, consider 310 TINTING as they offer premium window tinting.

Window tinting is a niche business growing rapidly:

As people are starting to become aware of the dangers of UV radiations, they are increasingly having their window glasses tinted. Even bus windows are being tinted. It is a niche business growing exponentially. The technology used in tinting process is improving and elevating day by day. Hence, without further ado, we recommend you to tint all the glasses of your car, office and home to secure yourself and your loved ones from the harms of the sun. If you happen to be in and around Los Angeles, then look no further than 310 TINTING wherein you get professional service guaranteed.

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