Window tinting reduces glare and blocks UV rays

Window tinting reduces glare and blocks UV rays
Glass window tinting
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Living in high-tech generation we use many useful gadgets and appliances to ease our lives, however, we should think of creating conditions to protect them and to enjoy these things fully. Being a simple smartphone user, you won’t be satisfied by glares that the sun creates on the screen, so you will have to find a protected place to read or share news in the internet comfortably. Same with your TVs, you have to find a shady place for them at your home to watch without any inconvenience. Not saying any words about many monitors in the office which work is supposed to be productive and time effective. That is why we want to attract your attention to office window tinting that will be cost-effective by time and will help organize working atmosphere for office workers reducing sun glares and blocking UV rays penetrating inside.

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Office window tinting

Every one knows how hard to discern something on the screens of our gadgets being outside, we organize for them an artificial shadow to type messages or to look through internet pages, especially when nowadays touchscreens have supplanted old fashioned pushbutton mobile phones, not mention about tablets. It’s well known the sun creates computer screen glare, now imagine monitors with abundance of natural light in your office when uncomfortable light spots appear on computers’ screens, it’s harder to work in such conditions, isn’t it? If you hide windows behind the blinds it’s the way to dispose of a problem, however then think of the excessive heat that still penetrates through window glass and additional need of AC on to conserve favorable ambience. Moreover, our eyes stay safe and relaxed longer during natural day light and for those that work all day long staring at monitors it’s highly recommended to look into the distance that is why office window tinting is the best solution for office needs. First, the working environment is in better conditions for your employees and office window tinting helps to avoid sun glares of the monitors. Second, tint films provenly reduce the indoor heat reflecting sun and UV rays. And the last but not the least, office window tinting is a great way to conserve energy and save energy bills while not changing the appearance of your building, moreover, makes office entourage a business looking spot.

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Home window tinting

Aside from being the shield for outside heat, home window tinting reduces gruesome influence of harmful UV rays soaking through the windows. Tint films help prevent the fading of your furniture positioned near windows and other valuables at home because the sun light is steadily damaging all wherever falling upon be it wooden floor, a piece of art or simply curtains… As a result you put your sofa, may be, not where you wanted it to be placed in or you need to cover windows by blinds or curtains which in the same time don’t retain the hot outside. Meanwhile, TV-sets themselves generates much heat and they doesn’t need extra hot air in addition. Now you can see why we highly recommend you to seal window glass up by the tint films instead of buying new ones. Without any glass treatment the screens of your TVs and gadgets look paler in some places where unreflected sun rays get on, so to escape this we advice home window tinting that provides additional glare decrease with no change of your interior.

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Turn down sun glare effectively

Along with heat control home window tinting films are extremely asked-for due to their capacity of turning down sun glares appearing on mobile tablets, gadgets and other screen based entertainment items. The visible light transmittance depends on the tint density, the lower ones allow up to 70% of the visible light through your windows, if you opt for lower amount of glare, then choose more intense home window tinting. Dual reflective tint films will serve as a safe guard for your energy bills. It’s a beneficial approach in reflecting the sunlight during hot seasons and in reflecting infrared emission during winter seasons. For a note, an additional tint layer rejects more sun heat and radiation securing better glare reduction. With home window tinting bright sun glare diminishes and disperses instead of lighting in bright beams. If your taste is toward less darker tint, then a clearer film is at your disposal with more natural view from the window. Besides, many indoor plants need soft light and bright hot rays are dangerous for them.

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Comfort your eyes

While people buy sun glasses or computer glasses, they don’t suppose that they wear them when there is an evident discomfort meaning outside in the sun or working on PC, for instance. Although, we should also take into consideration the menace of sun rays appeared while we’re indoors. It’s happening because UV rays go through untreated window glasses and even bright glare can affect drastically your eyes in a while. Our vision poors steadily by ages and we have to support it instead of jeopardizing it. Besides, in bright light not only an eye pupil reacts but also we squint our eyes reflectively giving additional wrinkles to appear. In a big picture calculate how many hours you spend inside in such conditions and count down the negative influence. There is one and best way out, it’s home window tinting or office window tinting according to where you want to create comfortable and defended space.

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UV rays

Nowadays we are well informed that sun light contains harmful UV rays, they differ UV A, B, C rays. UVC rays are the most harmful but they don’t go fully through an ozone layer in opposite to A and B ones. We always receive the portion of them being outside and even indoors. “Nude” window glass does not transmit UVB rays but long-wave UV A radiation emitted from the sun still penetrates and causes reddening of the skin. Among other things, UVA rays stimulate UVB and although you only receive the UVA radiation through window, your activated melanin will lead to reddening and tanning. So in spite of window glass protects you from UVB rays, you will be in the risk due to UVA rays emission. These facts speak more than words to protect yourself from skin cancer.

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Safe and sound

Basically, the safety benefits of tinted windows are evident but there is more than that, such as the privacy of your own home or your business venture securing by office window tinting, especially if they are located on the first floors. There is no need to cover windows because at nights the tint can be transparent from inside and absolutely obscure from outside, plus during the day to impede sun glare to have enter inside. Apart from having your valuables hidden out of thieves’ eyes, home window tinting is highly recommend to build a supplementary obstacle for grab crooks being shatter resistant so it takes more time to break it and your apartment will be less likely clean out. Other than these, when it comes to your children safety home window tinting is a health protector due to the ability to hold glass shards on the place when it should have been broken in pieces. Knowing this capability shops or other first floor based ventures will easily protect their interiors with office window tinting serving as a holding barrier for the glass if it’s broken.

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