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Truck Driver Skin Damage by UV-A on the Left Side of his Face

Lack of car window tinting in Beverly Hills could fatal, is known to cause skin damage to other related skin cancer conditions. Truck drivers, for instance, are likely to suffer skin damage on the left side of their faces due to continuous exposure to sun radiation in the form of UV-A. The sun radiation increased the risk of suffering skin cancer conditions and often may result in premature aging or even potential death, most cases the skin gets damaged on the left side of the face for just driving unprotected UV window tinting in Beverly Hills areas or just by walking in Rodeo drive without using any protective skin scream or sort of material that may reflect those harmful UV-A rays.

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Causes of Skin Cancer Conditions among Truck Drivers

Lack of car window tinting in Beverly Hills is the major cause of skin cancer conditions when a truck driver does not have car window tinting in Beverly Hills the room for penetration of the harmful UV-A radiation is provided, which further breeds increased risk of developing premature aging and skin cancer conditions. Being a truck driver means spending long hours on the road whereby the driver gets exposed to UV-A radiation that penetrates through windows that lack the car window which eventually leads to aging or skin cancer conditions.

Effects of the UV-A Radiation on Truck Drivers

Long encounter of truck drivers with the UV-A radiation makes them to develop wrinkles on their faces and increases their chances of getting skin cancer conditions lack of car window tinting in Beverly Hills allows the UV-A radiation to penetrate deep into their skin and gradually making their skin to thicken as time moves on. Apart from thickening of the top layer of the skin, lack of car window tinting also leads to destruction of epidermis and skin’s elastic fibers, all of which contribute to this skin cancer conditions. UV-A turns the skin dark as the skin fights to prevent extreme DNA damage, eventually giving up life cells leading to all kind of skin cancer conditions.

Treatment of Facial Damage due to UV-A Exposure

Recommended treatment for skin cancer conditions, arise from prolonged exposure to UV-A involves being monitored by doctors for possible development of cancer cells and doctor’s may as well prescribe a topical retinoid in an effort to erase part of the damage.

Prevention of Skin Cancer Conditions for Truck Drivers

Since most truck drivers in California suffer from skin cancer conditions due to lack of car window tinting in Beverly Hills, the skin cancer conditions can be best prevented by applying car window tinting in Beverly Hills on the truck’s window. Apart from car window tinting, drivers can also consider slathering on the sunscreen or wearing protective hats.

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