Skin Cancer, Harmful UV-A the Silence Killer

Car window tinting in Culver City now helps to protect against the harmful UV rays and thereby saving people against skin cancer conditions due to a continuous exposure to sunlight, especially in cases where no car window tinting is done to protect Culver city drivers and residents, UV rays make the skin of most drivers to be susceptible for all skin cancer conditions; here in Culver City, UV radiation reaches people in the form of long wave UV-A rays and short-wave UVB rays damaging the skin and creating conditions for skin cancer.

window tinting in Culver City
Window Tinting in Culver City
UV radiation damages the DNA in cells leading to a condition known as melanoma, which is a type of skin cancer or accelerating age appearance by creating noticeable wrinkles on the section of the skin exposure at sun radiation specially when no car window tinting in Culver city was done, both the driver and passengers are equally exposed to the long UV-A rays since the rays penetrate in through all directions; car windshields, side windows, and rear windows only block about 37% of the harmful UV-A radiation, allowing in, all other rays to penetrate and thereby increase the chance of contracting many forms of skin cancer conditions; UV-A is very harmful that it can even lead to death in extreme cases. Car window tinting in Culver City is, thus, helpful in reducing the amounts of UV rays reaching inside of the vehicle and, hence, reducing the chances of suffering the skin cancer.
Truck Driver UV-A Skin Damage on the Left Side of his Face

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Car Window Tinting in Culver City Prevent Skin Cancer

When car window tinting in Culver City is done, your Vehicle glass window tinting, blocks out most of the UV rays penetrating inside the automobile, with less UV radiation reaching inside the vehicle the chances of getting the skin cancer become automatically reduced. Car window tinting in Culver City can be done on all windows allowed by the California window tinting laws, thereby protecting the driver from most of these harmful UV rays that come from the sun radiation waves could be block with Culver city window tinting shades and colors.
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How to Carry Out the Car Window Tinting

When carrying out car window tinting in Culver City, by none experience installer of window tinting especially for side windows, probably won’t cover the entire window surface leaving out about a quarter or a sixth inch gap from the top edges of the windows, the left out parts normally get covered when the windows are closed, the tint is then pushed below the inner rubber seals of the car window, making sure that the tint is correctly fixed into the entire corners a heat gun, together with a squeegee, is then used to remove any moisture between the tint and the glass so as to ensure that the tint sticks. The tint should be allowed to dry in temperatures above 50 F.

Another technique is called factory edge cutting and the cut goes up to the very top of the glass, usually made by the experts on the field, 310 TINTING offers the factory edge to their window tinting in Culver City clientele.

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Tools Carried out for Car Window Tinting in Culver City

To carry out your car window tinting, you may use the following tools:

  • Film for Window tintin
  • A heat gun
  • Squeegees

All windows must be properly cleaned and make sure of dust-free environment is available before the car window tinting is done.

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