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310 TINTING – Sun tan is not healthy Window Tint in your glass block UV rays

Window Tinting / Window Tinting in Brentwood / Window Tinting in Malibu / Window Tinting in Pacific Palisades / April 9, 2015

Pacific Palisades Window Tinting

window tinting in Pacific Palisades

window tinting in Pacific Palisades


Sun tan is not healthy

Window Tint in your glass block UV rays


Sun tan which is often referred as tanning is a process of darkening skin color. It is aftermath of showing to UV ray from sun. Though moderate exposure is theoretically bad, but excess conceiving it might hurt! Sometimes you cannot avoid UV rays even if you want to! To remain protected from UV, people use tinted glasses in their cars, known as window tinting in Pacific Palisades. Now a day, the use of tinted glass at home to block UV rays in quite viral. Every one of us is damaging our skin due of ultraviolet exposure to some extent. Therefore it is recommended to check out how home window tinting Pacific Palisades really works!

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Sun exposure and health effects at a glance

Long time sun exposure, without Pacific Palisades window tinting installed, can create many diseases, such as skin cancer, aging of skins, suppression of immune system, eye related abnormalities etc. The more you remain exposed to UV, more the chances to get affected. The threatening part is, most of these disease caused by sun exposure endures.

Short time exposure to sunlight can cause troubles too. Researched have found people exposed under sunlight for a small period, often carries chronic headache. Sunburn, solar retinopathy, snow-blindness are the cause of short time sun exposure.

Though experts suggest keeping a balance between sunlight consumption and avoidance, there is a general consensus that guides us to avoid sunburn as long as it is possible. This is where the notion of home window tinting brought changes in our everyday life.

Why someone should tint home windows

Specific reasons are there behind the interest of peoples for home window tinting.  Several things and factors influence peoples to start using tinted glasses. Let we take a look at those at a glance

  • To get some more privacy
  • To save more energies
  • To protect furniture, curtain and sometimes even flooring
  • To get multi disciplinary health benefits

Home window tinting for more heat reduction

A source has showed, during the months of summer, ten out of ten new home gain seventy five percent of total heat.

window tinting residential team001This extra heal gaining have drastic effects over air conditioners. This excessive heat cost peoples to pay more as electricity bills. This is why energy savings has been considered as crucial criteria while choosing tinted glasses.

While assessing heat reduction, two vital factors also need to be considered. One is coefficient of solar-heat-gain. Another one is solar reflection. As low as the coefficient, the lesser the chance of heat transmission into the home. Mathematically solar reflection is stated as the degree to which sunlight is reflected by a window film.

Additional benefits of window tinting

You can go for home window tinting as there are some additional benefits. Many people use tinted glasses to get more privacy. In some restricted areas, uses of tinted glasses in the cars are prohibited, but in case of home window tinting, you can find nothing like that. This is why we are witnessing a rapid increase in tinted window glass usages.

UV ray is one of the major culprits who is fading your valuable things such as priceless furniture’s, curtains etc. Flooring can also be affected by this ray. So using tinted glass can help someone to save valuables that he wants to protect.

How to apply window tint

The price of tint generally varies as different types and classes of tints are available. Though it is up to you what you buy, but it is better to take help while installing it. Two ways to go, one is do it yourself another one is taking help of professionals. Taking professional help might cost you a lot. Traditionally a professional craftsman takes 35 dollars to install where you can do it all alone without costing more than a single dollar.

While installing, first of all, clear the window and take measurement of it. Now adhesive coating needs to be exposed. Take a little help from someone hanging around so protective liner can be separated easily.

glare out window tinting a1001

Tinted windows need some maintenance

After the installation part one should not forget to take some care of his tint. Once in every single month, the windows need to be cleaned. To clean, use of vinegar and soap are popular though there are some other cleaning processes. But, if you want to avoid spending much, use water to clean it once in a week at least.

After ten to fifteen years you should change your entire window set. Most of the vendor offer 5 year warranty, so making full use of it is smart.


310 TINTING – Applications we provide:

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Pacific Palisades window tinting

Pacific Palisades window tinting


Window Tinting in Pacific Palisades

Residential – Auto – Commercial – Marine

Automotive window tinting in Malibu

Car Window Tinting in Pacific Palisades

Auto window tinting in Brentwood

SUV window tinting in Pacific Palisades

Company Fleet Window Tinting

Marine window tinting in Pacific Palisades

Boat window tinting in Brentwood

Yacht Window Tinting in Pacific Palisades

Power Boat Window Tinting in Malibu

Sail Boat Window Tinting in Pacific Palisades

Residential Window Tinting in Pacific Palisades

Home Window Tinting in Pacific Palisades

House Window Tinting in Brentwood

Sliding Door Window Tinting in Malibu

Architectural window tinting in Brentwood

Commercial Window tinting in Pacific Palisades

Office Window Tinting in Pacific Palisades

Security Window Tinting in Brentwood

Anti-Graffiti window tinting in Pacific Palisades

Car Wrapping in Pacific Palisades



window tinting in Malibu

window tinting in Malibu

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  • Window Tinting Laws in California
  •  How much Cost Window Tinting
  • Window Tinting Shades and Colors
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window tinting Pacific Palisades

window tinting Pacific Palisades

Pacific Palisades Window Tinting

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310 TINTING - Sun tan is not healthy  Window Tint in your glass block UV rays
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310 TINTING - Sun tan is not healthy Window Tint in your glass block UV rays
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