UV index danger levels this summer may lead to skin cancer

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The main cause of skin cancer is prior because of exposure to Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the sun. The UV rays come from sunlight into earth’s atmosphere.  Those who are frequently exposed to the sunlight or work under outdoor conditions are very much at risk of getting skin cancer. Ultraviolet rays mainly damage the DNA of skin cells which leads to skin cancer formation on the skin areas which have been affected. When the DNA is damaged of the area of a skin, new skin cells cannot be formed there.

There Is Nothing Healthy about Tanning

There are three main types of UV rays which are as follows:

UVA rays– It damages the DNA of skin cells and age skin over time. These rays are the main cause of wrinkles and skin cancers. UVA rays can also be found on tanning beds which uses UVA rays to tan the skin tone of a person.

UVB rays– Powerful than the UVA rays. UVB rays are the primary source for sunburns on skin. Also the main reason for all types of skin cancer.

UVC rays- The most dangerous form of Ultraviolet rays which however is not present at the earth’s atmosphere and also not found in sunlight. They are not the cause of skin cancers.

UV rays can damage your skin beyond repair Window Tinting In Los Angeles

The UV index

This is a forecast on the amount of how much skin damaging UV rays are present at the earth’s atmosphere usually at the peak time of the day when the highest amount of sunlight is present.

The UV index is described on a scale of 0-11. If the index shows 1-2 level of exposure then it is at a very minimal and not risky at all. However if it reaches from 7-11 it is considered the most dangerous UV exposure time and could easily damage the DNA of skin cells and cause major skin cancers. Infants and people with sensitive skin should be protected from long time sunlight exposure usually from (10am to 4pm) of a day.

How do you protect yourself from UV rays?

Residential Window Tint:

Similar to a window film; window tints are very light and thin, usually transparent sheets of film which are applied to the windows. Whereas the window films are made of plastic that are attached to the windows to cover them from light exposure. Window tints are beneficial as they keep the room at a cool temperature keeping away the harmful UV rays of the sun at the same time. As they are transparent; you can also enjoy looking are outdoors from the inside of your house.

Residential Commercial Best Auto Window Tinting Los Angeles

Car tint:

To protect yourself from UV rays while sitting inside your car, you can also apply tints to your car windows as well. Usually this is an aftermarket option which means you can take your car to an accessory shop and start tinting your windows. However some auto dealers now give an option to customers to choose window tinting before purchase so keep an eye for that too! Car tints drastically reduce sunlight entering your car which means reducing UV ray exposure as well. For those who ride everyday in the morning from place to place should help protect their skin by tinting their windows. As per the doctors, they also recommend using sunscreen or any other method to lessen UV exposure to skin.

Car tints also keep the inside of your car cooler which reduces the pressure on your car’s air-conditioner also. Car tints come in various types such as plain black color or other chrome color. Whatever type you select, you are availing privacy for yourself as the inside of your car won’t be visible from outside. Visibility varies from light to dark tinting films. You will get a sense of security and safety by using car tints. However, some countries and states have different laws on using tinted films to car windows so check your local authority before applying it.

Commercial Tint:

There is a misconception about tints that it is mainly used for home windows and cars which is not accurate. Nowadays all the commercial workplaces use tinting on windows to cut up on energy cost. Not only this saves up electricity but also give the workplace a stylish and sleek look.

Benefits of commercial window tints are:

Cost Effective:

Window films are cheaper to buy which makes the glass scratch resistant giving them a longer life span and also giving it a prestigious look. Also by applying tints to the windows you can keep the inside of your workplace cooler during summer time which reduces the pressure on air-conditioning. At the end of the month, the payment of your electricity bill will be up to 30% less than what it would have been before the window tints.


It matches with the colour scheme of your workplace which will dramatically improve the appearance of your workplace or your home. Get ready to hear compliments form your guest/clients about how good your place looks.


You can use tints on bathroom, bedrooms, meeting halls or in secured rooms by applying a variation of colours, themes and reflective tints to the windows. This will make it difficult for others to see what’s on the inside – giving you more privacy as matter of fact.

Adding Security:

This works perfectly as a security to your workplace where you don’t want others to see what is happening on the inside. Windows tints transform your windows to an invisible barrier which lures away burglars or thieves from sneaking inside.

Sunscreen lotion

When you are travelling outdoors under the hot sun, makes sure you apply proper sunscreen to protect your skin against UV exposure. A good SPF 15 or SPF 25 sunscreen lotion will do just fine. Check with your dermatologist before choosing which sunscreen to apply on your skin if you have a sensitive skin.

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