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Is your home in a location which has a warm climate? Are you looking to live peacefully in a cool temperature at your home? Then a window tint is what you should consider first.

Windows are the passageway of light and air to your home. Therefore it is very essential to install a properly fitted window in order to let your house cool during summer time and cooler during the winter. However the light that comes into your home in the morning is not always necessarily good for your health and body. The sun has UV rays that cause melanin production in our bodies also a high risk of cancer if affected for a long time. Our body is our temple which we should carefully to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Residential Window Tint

Similar to a window film; window tints are very light and thin, usually transparent sheets of film which are applied to the windows. Whereas the window films are made of plastic that are attached to the windows to cover them from light exposure. Window tints are beneficial as they keep the room at a cool temperature keeping away the harmful UV rays of the sun at the same time. As they are transparent; you can also enjoy looking are outdoors from the inside of your house.

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Commercial Tint:

There is a misconception about tints that it is mainly used for home windows and cars which is not accurate. Nowadays all the commercial workplaces use tinting on windows to cut up on energy cost. Not only this saves up electricity but also give the workplace a stylish and sleek look.

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Benefits of commercial window tints are:

Cost Effective:

Window films are cheaper to buy which makes the glass scratch resistant giving them a longer life span and also giving it a prestigious look. Also by applying tints to the windows you can keep the inside of your workplace cooler during summer time which reduces the pressure on air-conditioning. At the end of the month, the paycheck of your electricity bill will be up to 30% less than what it would have been before the window tints..

Reduce accidents:

Window tints hold the glass together which reduces the chance of accidental breakage. These tints provide international safety glazing standards and protect your accidental breaks when hit by a tennis ball or other natural occurrences such as earthquakes and hurricanes

Malibu Pacific Palisades Westwood Brentwood


It matches with the color scheme of your workplace which will dramatically improve the appearance of your workplace or your home. Get ready to hear compliments form your guest/clients about how good your place looks.


You can use tints on bathroom, bedrooms, meeting halls or in secured rooms by applying a variation of colors, themes and reflective tints to the windows. This will make it difficult for others to see what’s on the inside – giving you more privacy as matter of fact.

Security and anti graffiti window tinting films

Smart Window Tinting commercial installation

Adding Security:

This works perfectly as a security to your workplace where you don’t want others to see what is happening on the inside. Windows tints transform your windows to an invisible barrier which lures away burglars or thieves from sneaking inside.

Car tint:

To protect yourself from UV rays while sitting inside your car, you can also apply tints to your car windows as well. Usually this is an aftermarket option which means you can take your car to an accessory shop and start tinting your windows. However some auto dealers now give an option to customers to choose window tinting before purchase so keep an eye for that too! Car tints drastically reduce sunlight entering your car which means reducing UV ray exposure as well. For those who ride everyday in the morning from place to place should help protect their skin by tinting their windows. As per the doctors, they also recommend using sunscreen or any other method to lessen UV exposure to skin.

Car tints also keep the inside of your car cooler which reduces the pressure on your car’s air-conditioner also. Car tints come in various types such as plain black color or other chrome color. Whatever type you select, you are availing privacy for yourself as the inside of your car won’t be visible from outside. Visibility varies from light to dark tinting films. You will get a sense of security and safety by using car tints. However, some countries and states have different laws on using tinted films to car windows so check your local authority before applying it.

Three types of car tints:

A very popular method is film tinting which a lot of car owner use.  They come in a variety of shades and can be easily applied to your windows. At the same time it is very cheap compared to other tinting method. It also saves your window glass from accidental break protecting them by sticking to the glass itself.

Another method is OEM tint. This form of tint comes in a light shade and visibility is lower. This tinting process starts at the time of manufacturing the glass. It is permanent and could cost more if you don’t want your windows tinted anymore.

The final method of tinting is the coating method. It is usually sprayed to the glass to tint unlike films which can be glued. This process is complicated as the whole glass has to be coated by spraying so better leave it to the car experts to do it professionally. There are lot of affordable and convenient ways to install window tints to your home, office and your vehicles not just only for privacy but also to keep yourself healthy from the sun exposure and its harmful rays. This will also encourage buyers to purchase an apartment or a vehicle which is energy efficient, protects against harmful UV rays and looks distinctively stylish.

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